Publication History


Holocaust History Collections (Translations):

To Tell Our Stories: Holocaust Survivors of Southern Arizona2015


Poetry Collections:

Around the Sun Without a Sail, 2012



External Poetry Publications:

Voices International, fall, 1995 (print, Vol 30, Number 3): “Intoxicated by a Boy in November”

The Storyteller, fall, 2009 (print, Vol 14, Issue 4): “River of Faces”

Anon 7 (UK), summer, 2010 (print, Volume 7): “Winter Rye”

Stepping Stones Magazine, summer, 2010: “Confluence,” “The Japanese Word for Heart & Soul,” “Reading Her Body of Skin”

The Best of Stepping Stones Magazine, 2010 – 2012: “The Japanese Word for Heart & Soul,” “Reading Her Body of Skin”

Hobble Creek Review, fall, 2011 (Vol 5, Issue 3): “Soldier’s Garden,” Watermelon,” “Helsinki”

Tuck Magazine, summer, 2012: “Halfway Point,” “Geography”

Linden Avenue Literary Journal, summer, 2012: “To the Twenty-Something Girl Who Winked,” “Settling Down”

Red River Review, fall, 2012: “Around the Sun Without a Sail”

Poet’s Post Anthology (vol 4), October, 2012: “And Then the Lighting of the Lamps,” “The Barren Bits, “Burning Matches,” and “Fourth of July”

Red River Review, February, 2013: “Poets of a Dead Language”

Virginia Quarterly Review, spring, 2013: “To the Twenty-Something Girl Who Winked

Grey Sparrow Journal, summer, 2013: “Re-inventing the Beer-Can Lamp,” “The Truth About Sleep’s Calculus”

Scissors & Spackle, (print, Issue 12), spring, 2014: “Letter Drafted Near a Statue of Lenin”

The Foundling Review, May 14, Issue I, 2014: “Fire Ritual”

Pastiche, August, 2014: “Tremblement de Terre”

Rattle, (print, issue 48), summer, 2015: “In Diminuendo”

The Great American Poetry Show, Volume 3 (hardback print, Volume 3): “Carvings,” “The Tin Chair,” “Council House, Tucson”



Stepping Stones Magazine Poet of the Year, 2010

Finalist, Writer’s Digest Chapbook Challenge, November 2010, “Around the Sun Without a Sail” (chapbook)

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest Chapbook Challenge, November 2012, “Fire Ritual” (chapbook)

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